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Erik Angner

Erik Angner

Erik Angner

Associate Professor

Philosophy, Politics, Economics

As a result of serious mission creep, Prof. Angner holds two PhDs – one in Economics and one in History and Philosophy of Science – both from the University of Pittsburgh. He is the author of two books – Hayek and Natural Law (2007) and A Course in Behavioral Economics (2012) – as well as multiple journal articles and book chapters on behavioral and experimental economics, the economics of happiness, and the history, philosophy, and methodology of contemporary economics. He is currently writing a book on happiness in science and philosophy. You can follow him on Twitter.

Selected Publications

Angner, Erik (online first)  “‘To Navigate Safely in the Vast Sea of Empirical Facts’: Ontology and Methodology in Behavioral Economics,” Synthesedoi:10.1007/s11229-014-0552-9 

Angner, Erik (2013) “Is Empirical Research Relevant to Philosophical Questions?,” Res Philosophica 90(3): 343–363. doi:10.11612/resphil.2013.90.3.4

Angner, Erik (2013) “Is it Possible to Measure Happiness? The argument from measurability,” European Journal for Philosophy of Science 3(2): 221–240. doi:10.1007/s13194-013-0065-2

Angner, Erik (2012) A Course in Behavioral Economics (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan). On Facebook

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