College of Humanities and Social Sciences


Philosophy Internship

Philosophy 306

3 credits

The Philosophy Department is pleased to offer students the opportunity to receive training through an approved fieldwork study program.

The objectives of this program are to allow students to apply their philosophical skills to projects outside the classroom and to facilitate entry into the job market after graduation. Students typically spend 10 hours per week for a 15-week semester on the job.

MetroStar Systems Internship, Spring 2014

In Spring 2014, the Philosophy Department is offering an internship with MetroStar Systems, an information technology and consulting company founded by Mason alumni Ali Reza Manouchehri and Robert J. Santos.

Student interns will work closely with MetroStar staff and will contribute to the research, design, and development of prototypes and real-world tools.

MetroStar staff represent many academic fields. Students of all academic backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

To inquire about the internship or to complete an application, please contact the internship coordinator, Dr. Gwynne Taraska ( Students must have junior status and be in good academic standing to be eligible.

For information about MetroStar Systems, please see

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