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Philosophy Club

What the Mason Philosophy Club Is and What It Does

The George Mason Philosophy Club is devoted to fostering a discussion of philosophical issues among students and other interested parties.

Some discussions are on philosophical issues of an abstract and theoretical nature such as: Is there a God?  Is the mind physical or non-physical?  Others cover the application of philosophical thinking to issues of contemporary concern such as: What are the proper scope and the limits of technology, including biotechnology? What is the justification of war?

Even though membership in the club is restricted to full-time Mason undergraduates, all meetings are open to the public.

Among activities that the Philosophy Club has sponsored in the recent past are faculty talks, the viewing of movies of philosophical import, book discussions at the local Border's Bookstore, and regular get togethers of students and others for discussion of issues of common interest. The student presidents, as well as the faculty advisor, welcome ideas for other activities from any quarter.



New Phil Club Stoa
Meet and talk about Philosophy
Harris Theater Lobby

Come when you like!
Leave when you like!
Talk about what you like!

Hope to see you there!

Faculty Advisor

Emmett Holman |
Robinson Hall B 459 | Voice 703-993-1329 | Fax 703 993-1297

Student President

Colleen Cook

Mason Philosophy Club Listserve

Mason Philosophy Club Yahoo Groups Website

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