College of Humanities and Social Sciences

PHIL 642: Biomedical Ethics

PHIL 642-001: Biomedical Ethics
(Spring 2017)

04:30 PM to 07:10 PM W

West Building 1007

Section Information for Spring 2017

Section Title: The ethics of neuroimaging after serious brain injury

Description: Disorders of consciousness resulting from serious brain injury—including coma, the vegetative state, and the minimally conscious state— present one the greatest challenges to modern medicine. In this seminar, students will learn the central philosophical problems arising from research on disorders of consciousness. How are disorders of consciousness patients evaluated after initial injury? What role does neuroimaging play in the assessment of disorders of consciousness? How do we ascribe consciousness to a patient who is entirely behaviourally unresponsive? How should we treat disorders of consciousness patients? What is it like to be in a disordered state of consciousness? And how do we ensure the ethical conduct of research on this patient population? Diverse approaches to these questions will be considered. This seminar is recommended for students interested in research at the intersection of philosophy, neuroscience, and medicine. Further information about course content is contained in the following website and documentary.

       For students in the Ethics and Public Affairs concentration, this course fulfills 3 credits of the 9-credit ethics requirement. It may be used as an elective by students who have already fulfilled this requirement.
        For students in the Traditional and Contemporary Philosophy focus and students in the Philosophy and Cultural Affairs concentration, this course may be used as an elective.


Course Information from the University Catalog

Credits: 3

Explores the application of ethical theories and principles to issues in contemporary health care. Cases central to the development of the field will be examined. May not be repeated for credit.
Registration Restrictions:

Enrollment limited to students with a class of Advanced to Candidacy, Graduate, Non Degree or Senior Plus.

Enrollment is limited to Graduate, Non-Degree or Undergraduate level students.

Students in a Non-Degree Undergraduate degree may not enroll.

Schedule Type: Lecture

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