Molly Wilder

Molly Wilder

Molly Wilder

Adjunct Faculty

professional ethics of lawyers, autonomy, virtue ethics, feminist philosophy, philosophy of tort law, minors’ rights

Molly received her law degree from Georgetown University Law Center in 2016 and is currently working on a dissertation that brings together the professional ethics of lawyers, neo-Aristotelian virtue ethics, and feminist theories of relational autonomy. She wants to know, how can lawyers promote the autonomy of their clients, and what does autonomy mean in that context? When not philosophizing, Molly enjoys reading and writing children’s fantasy, finding places to eat great food, and bad puns.

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Courses Taught

PHIL 151 Introduction to Ethics

PHIL 311 Philosophy of Law


Georgetown University, DC, expected PhD in Philosophy, May 2023          

Non-Degree Certificate in Engaged & Public Humanities, June 2018

Georgetown University Law Center, DC, J.D., May 2016

Tufts University, MA, M.A. in Philosophy, May 2012

Swarthmore College, PA, B.A. in Linguistics, minor in Philosophy, May 2009