College of Humanities and Social Sciences


BA in Philosophy

All students have opportunities for research, global engagement, public service, and career preparation.

  • Conduct an independent research project with a professor through honors in the major. Read more >>
  • Develop language skills and cultural awareness by studying abroad. Read more >>
  • Join the Philosophy Club, devoted to fostering discussion among students. More >>
  • Consider a concentration in philosophy and law, a course of study that emphasizes the relevance of philosophy to legal issues. Read more >>
Dillon Berger

Dillon Berger, 2017

Exploring the physical and theoretical world around him

George Mason University student Dillon Berger’s aspiration is to discover and fully understand the world around him. To do this, he looks at the physical and analytical elements—majoring in both philosophy and physics with a minor in mathematics.

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Summer Lynn Claveau

Summer Lynn Claveau, 2018

Making her mark at Mason

Claveau is working towards a career in global health ethics or bioethics, which she believes will continue to have an increasing need for individuals with a background in ethics—particularly in a time of vast scientific and social advancement.

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