All Undergraduate Degrees

BA in Philosophy

The BA in philosophy famliarizes students with the Western tradition of thought on the fundamental questions of human existence. It helps students improve their skills in critical reasoning, textual analysis and argumentative writing. Students can choose one of two concencentrations.

Philosophy and Law concentration in the BA in Philosophy

The concentration in philosophy and law offers philosophy majors the opportunity to focus their study of philosophy in a way that helps prepare them for the study of the law.

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics concentration in the BA in Philosophy

This is a high credit concentration for students interested in a program that explores the interdisciplinary connections between philosophy, political science, and economics.

Minor in Ethics and AI

Minor in Philosophy

The minor in philosophy is an excellent complement to any major. Students can use their electives to complete an emphasis in the history of philosophy, in reality, knowledge and science, or in social and political philosophy.

Minor in Philosophy and Law

The minor in philosophy and law emphasizes the philosophical analysis of legal issues. Students develop important intellectual skills—logic and critical thinking—that prepare them for the study of law.

Minor in Philosophy for Social Change

Minor in Political Philosophy

The interdisciplinary minor in political philosophy offers students the opportunity for intensive study in the areas of political philosophy and political theory. This is offered jointly by the departments of Philosophy and Public and International Affairs.