Qui “Kelly” Mai: Taking a Philosophical Approach to Global Issues

by Mary Lee Clark

Qui “Kelly” Mai: Taking a Philosophical Approach to Global Issues

Qui “Kelly” Mai
BA Philosophy

Winter graduate Kelly Mai said she came to Mason for diversity, and as a student in the Honors College, she found plenty of opportunities to explore.      

“Mason is well-known for its diversity in thought, opportunity, and culture,” said Mai. “I am fortunate to experience this richness in my courses and outside around campus.”

She completed several research projects as part of her courses, but she also participated in the Arlington Global Health Fellowship, where she was able to fuse philosophy into global issues such as poverty, immigration and health justice. She also explored other parts of the world with a study-abroad opportunity at Oxford University with support from the International Horizons Scholarship.

“The International Horizons Scholarship was a chance for me to literally expand my horizons," said Mai.

In her classes, Mai completed an ethical analysis on international pharmaceutical restrictions and another on indigenous property rights, like the Western-Shoshone peoples in Nevada, in relation to the nuclear waste conversation, in particular, the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Repository proposal.

After graduation, Mai said she’ll be studying for the LSAT so she can attend law school to pursue medical law.