So, What Are You Going to Do With That Degree? Answers from Alumni

Philosophy Alumni Stories

The masters program in Philosophy began in 2005. Graduates are already active in a variety of fields. Here's what some of them have to say about their experiences and the value of the Mason philosophy degree:

Jennifer Dean, teacher:

As an English teacher, I explored the intersection of literature and philosophy and the sometimes thin line between the two. My teachers expected much and provided me with generous support to grow through my studies. I graduated from George Mason’s philosophy program positioned to advance in my teaching career and pursue further academic opportunities.

Katherine Mendis, pursuing a doctorate in philosophy at the City University of New York:

I became interested in pursuing a career in academic philosophy several years after I graduated college with a major in another field. My experience in GMU's MA program prepared me well to apply to PhD programs and pursue further graduate study in philosophy. I had a wonderful experience at GMU; I thought my courses were excellent and the department is collegial and supportive.

Laina Saul, pursuing a doctorate in cultural studies, George Mason University:

Applying to the GMU Philosophy M.A. program was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Doing so directly contributed my advancement as a Ph.D. student in Cultural Studies. By providing rigorous and comprehensive instruction in Western philosophical thoughts and methods and encouraging my personal intellectual development through the efforts of dedicated faculty, this program has provided me an invaluable ground upon which to develop what I hope will be my lifelong academic pursuit.

Ryan Zimmerman, Office of the Registrar, George Mason University:

The Masters program was particularly interesting due not only to the particular course topics, but also to the diversity of ideas and discussions between students from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. As someone with many not-too-well-thought-out ideas I always appreciated that criticism and discussions were always constructive, and that ideas were always connected back to the topic at hand no matter how far out they were.