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  • Derek William Boyd

    Derek William Boyd

    Associate Professor

    Ethics, philosophy of economics, action theory

  • Kurt Brandhorst

    Kurt Brandhorst

    Director of Undergraduate Programs

    Assistant Professor


  • Wesley Buckwalter

    Wesley Buckwalter

    Assistant Professor

    Moral psychology, cognitive science, and epistemology


  • Rose M Cherubin

    Rose M Cherubin

    Associate Professor

    Ancient philosophy, metaphysics, epistemology, African American philosophy


  • Christopher DiTeresi

    Christopher DiTeresi

    Assistant Professor

    philosophy of science, philosophy of biology, American pragmatism, research integrity


  • Lisa Eckenwiler

    Lisa Eckenwiler



    Bioethics, health care ethics, public health ethics, feminist ethical and political theory


  • Wayne J Froman

    Wayne J Froman

    Associate Professor

    Contemporary European Continental philosophy, phenomenology, hermeneutics, aesthetics

  • Shannon Fyfe

    Shannon Fyfe

    Assistant Professor

    philosophy of law, political philosophy, responsibility


  • Rachel Jones

    Rachel Jones

    Associate Professor

    19th & 20th century continental philosophy, feminist philosophy, aesthetics


  • Ted Kinnaman

    Ted Kinnaman

    Director of Graduate Programs

    Associate Professor

    Kant, Hume, modern philosophy.

  • Jesse Kirkpatrick

    Jesse Kirkpatrick

    Research Associate Professor

    Political and moral philosophy, ethics of peace and security, with an emphasis on the ethical, social, and policy implications of emerging technologies

  • Davis Kuykendall

    Davis Kuykendall

    Assistant Professor

    Early Modern, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science


  • Andrew Light

    Andrew Light

    University Professor

    International climate policy and governance, environmental policy and ethics, risk analysis, and ethics and emerging technologies


  • Daniel J Nicholson

    Daniel J Nicholson

    Assistant Professor

    History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences, General Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Nature


  • Andrew H Peterson

    Andrew H Peterson

    Assistant Professor

    Bioethics, Philosophy of Neuroscience, Consciousness