2021 Teaching Excellence Awards Announced

The Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning has announced its 2021 Teaching Excellence Awards. The college proudly notes that eight of its faculty members have been recognized this year.

The Teaching Excellence Award is the university's salute to the significant work that faculty members devote to course planning and preparation, curriculum development, and innovative teaching, advising, and undergraduate and graduate mentoring. Teachers of Distinction are faculty members who have been finalists for the Teaching Excellence Award, and who are recognized across campus for their exceptional teaching and commitment to teaching-related activities.

Adjunct Teaching Excellence Awards recognize the contributions of outstanding adjunct faculty members and are open to all adjunct faculty members who are currently teaching a course or who taught at least one course during the past current academic year, who also have at least six semesters of teaching experience at Mason.

The college congratulates its 2021 Teaching Excellence Award honorees:

  • Anthony Hoefer, Department of English, High Impact Teaching Excellence Award
  • Lauren Kuykendall, Department of Psychology, High Impact Teaching Excellence Award
  • Carrie Klein, Higher Education Program, Adjunct Teaching Excellence Award
  • Basak Durgun, Cultural Studies Program, Adjunct Teacher of Distinction
  • Stephen Gillespie, Department of Economics, Adjunct Teacher of Distinction
  • Graziella McCarron, School of Integrative Studies, Online Teacher of Distinction 
  • Erin Murdoch, Department of Psychology, Online Teacher of Distinction

In addition, the Stearns Center notes that Andrew Peterson, Department of Philosophy, has received the Rising Star Outstanding Faculty Award from the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

“These awards celebrate the care, preparation, and innovation that faculty members bring to the teaching space, whether that space be traditional or virtual,” said Ann Ardis, dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences. “We are proud to share in honoring the work of our colleagues on behalf of Mason's students.”

Teaching Excellence Award winners traditionally have been recognized at a ceremony in the spring semester. Because of Covid-19 restrictions, this year's ceremony will take place virtually on Friday, May 7, from 12-1 pm. A link to the ceremony is available from stearns@gmu.edu.