National Security and Global Health Event, Feb. 24 5pm

Human Rights, Ethics and the Way Forward

February 24, 2016


Merten 1202

In the decade and a half since the beginning of the Global War on Terror, national security policies and practices have frequently come into conflict with the prerogatives of global health. From outrage over the use of vaccination programs in the covert raid on Osama bin Laden, to civilian casualties from drone strikes, to the conflation of health care services with support for terrorism in counterterrorism laws, global health initiatives continue to face a challenging and uncertain terrain as officials carry out missions of protection.

Join us for a conversation on key issues and strategies for securing health, human rights and ethical ideals in future counterterrorism policy and practice.


Lawrence J. Korb

Former Asst. Secretary of Defense (1981-1985)

Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress

Leonard Rubenstein

Director, Program on Human Rights, Health and Conflict, Center for Public Health and Human Rights, John Hopkins University

Lisa Eckenwiler

Associate Professor of Philosophy and Health Administration & Policy, George Mason University