Looking for a Fall Course? Here Are Some Good Ones!

Educational inequality. Social innovation. Public relations. Human rights. These courses, offered in fall 2016, will expand your view on real issues that affect the world around us. No matter what your major, your awareness of any of these big issues will bring new perspective to your education. Learn more:

SOCI 382 Education in Contemporary Society. Learn about educational inequality in the United States. What is the purpose of education? Have schools been successful in serving that purpose for the poor, people of color, linguistic minorities, or other marginalized groups? How do educational experiences compare in different areas of the country?

INTS 475 Foundations of Social Innovation. Are you a changemaker? This course will help you understand or prepare to enter the growing field of social entrepreneurship, by giving you tools to translate your passion into action. You will learn to turn big social challenges into approachable problems, learn how social entrepreneurship can provide solutions to those problems, understand the lean start-up philosophy, and hone the skills necessary to be a successful leader. Through case studies that you will develop and share with your classmates, you will teach each other about the possibilities of social entrepreneurship.

COMM 204 Introduction to Public Relations. Public relations define how organizations communicate with the world. This ever-changing field has a huge impact on global business, politics, and our daily lives. In this course, you will learn about creating integrated digital communication and social media engagement. The course is an excellent elective for anyone interested in the communications of organizations or public figures, and a great way to explore your interest in public relations and the communication major.

RELI 387 Islam, Democracy, and Human Rights. Learn about the particular challenges inherent in establishing the secular and modern values of democracy and human rights in Islamic countries that still face the effects of postcolonialism and struggle with a variety of social, sectarian, and political divisions. Explore the different approaches taken by a variety of contemporary Muslim thinkers as they seek to respond to these challenges and to promote democracy, pluralism, and human rights within the context of Islamic religious principles and values.