Kurt Brandhorst

Kurt Brandhorst

Kurt Brandhorst

Director of Undergraduate Programs

Assistant Professor


Kurt has been teaching as long as he can remember and cannot imagine doing anything else.  Vocations are like that. He has been paripatetic --- having taught in eight universities over the years --- and also paces while he teaches. Since 2012 he has taught a number of different courses in the department.  He likes to think of himself as a widget that can serve whatever teaching needs might arise.

Courses Taught

PHIL 100: Introduction to Philosophy

HNR 130: Conceptions of Self

PHIL 156: What is Art?

PHIL 253: Philosophy and Literature (Spring 2021) (Fall 2021)

PHIL 324: Modern Western Political Theory (Fall 2021)

PHIL 325: Karl Marx's Social and Political Thought (Fall 2021)

PHIL 327: Contemporary Western Political Theory (Spring 2021)

PHIL 329: Philosophy after Auschwitz (Spring 2021)

PHIL 335: 19th Century Philosophy 

PHIL 336: Twentieth Century Continental Thought: Existentialism

PHIL 339: Recent Continental Philosophy

PHIL 425: Derrida and Language (Directed Reading)

PHIL 425: Biopolitics (Directed Reading)

PHIL 425: Heidegger & Irigaray:Ontological Difference (Directed Reading)