Stephen Marrone

Stephen Marrone

Stephen Marrone

Adjunct Faculty

Normative Ethics, Applied Ethics, Ethics of Technology

I am a Chicago native whose primary philosophical interest involves exploring the advantages and pitfalls of various methodologies in moral philosophy. Specifically, my recent work focuses on how the standard conception of a reason in dominant strains of Anglo-American moral theory itself embodies a set of under-explored assumptions about agency and the role of morality in our lives. I examine how ignoring or tacitly accepting such assumptions can lead to both conceptual puzzles and an overconfidence in the application of general moral principles.   I am also deeply interested in the intersection of indigenous conceptions of the world with the history and development of environmental ethics in America. In addition, I spend a lot of time thinking about the philosophical assumptions of other fields (e.g. computing, mathematics, physics), which leads me to emerging technologies such as large language models.   Outside philosophy, you can find me walking my dog all over town or running in the mountains.  

Selected Publications

“Genericity and the Limits of Reasons” in The Journal of Philosophical Research (2023)


University of Virginia Ph.D. Philosophy 2023 

Georgia State University M.A. Philosophy 2018 

The University of Chicago B.A. Philosophy 2014