BA in Philosophy

Rhys Allison

Rhys Allison, 2021

B.A in Philosophy

Participation in PHIL 329 (Philosophy After Auschwitz) study abroad program led them to a one-year fellowship with the prestigious TWR Youth Action Fellowship Program, a leadership development program to help student leaders become exemplary human rights advocates.

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Matthew Dumm

Matthew Dumm, 2021

BA in Philosophy

A law school hopeful who supported the crew club throughout the pandemic.

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Anees Mokhiber

Anees Mokhiber, 2014

Developing reason and logic into legal skills

Anees Mokhiber is drawing on his training in Philosophy in order to succeed in a rigorous law school curriculum.

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Mark Dundon

Mark Dundon, 2011

Integrating broad information to effectively serve financial planning clients

Mark Dundon found that his philosophy degree and applied mathematics minor built analytical skills that serve him as a financial planner in the area of private wealth management.

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Adam James

Adam James, 2011

Developing new leaders in clean energy policy

Adam James brings the intellectual rigor and ethical commitments of his philosophy degree to the business of solar energy.

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Christian Carrozzo

Christian Carrozzo, 2010

Informing medical institutions and practitioners on ethical issues

Christian Carrozzo earned both a BA and MA in philosophy from Mason, and uses his background to work with medical personnel to untangle challenging ethical issues in the healthcare industry.

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Mary D. Little

Mary D. Little, 2007

Advancing organizational effectiveness as a management consultant

Mary D. Little found in the Aristotelian concept of excellence a key to helping individuals and organizations improve themselves.

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Ali Manouchehri

Ali Manouchehri, 1999

From studying "big questions" to founding a big business

Ali Manouchehri earned his bachelor's degree in philosophy at Mason and credits the friendships and business contacts he made there with giving him the confidence to co-found MetroStar Systems, a nationally recognized information technology company.

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